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Scoubidou is a plaiting and knotting craft that originated in France, where it was already a rage in the 1960s.

Scoubidou or Scoubi is also known as Boondoggle in the USA. Scoubidou strands are supple, round, hollow plastic tubes of approximately 80 to 100 centimeters in length. They are sold in various colours, sizes and types. Coupled with various other craft supplies, the strands can be used to make creative items by binding them together using various knotting techniques. The craft of scoubidou is appealing to both young and old, starting with simple designs like keyrings and bracelets, through to more advanced scoubidou projects such as pens, Jewelry , magnets, animals and an endless variety of figures.

Not only is it fun, inexpensive and addictive, it also stimulates the imagination and creativity of children, having a positive effect on coordination skills.
During the past year, the Scoubidou craze has seen a massive resurgence all over the world and this is now starting to happen down under as well.
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